School Concept

The main purpose of the school is to give to our students the best opportunity to work in the animation and design industry. We aim to give them all the tools and technical background so they are professionally ready at the end of their program. We also want them to develop skills and knowledge for design and animation above the average level of expectation of international studios.

We are the first one to look from an employer point of view as we expect from our students to be already operational and be able to bring some added value to their new employers in different area (creativity, pro and re activity). One of the major weakness from others schools is to teach basic techniques without developing other skills such as the artistic or management sides of their students. Today studios in Vietnam lack both qualified workforce but also local managers.

Because of this current void, we want to enlarge our students’ capacities so they can also evolve in their career and take more responsibilities further. Our program is designed to fill all the positions available in the 2D and 3D animation process. We give the opportunity for students to choose their most suitable career path and will help to reach their goals.

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